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Paper Compound Of Five Octahedra

Paper Model Compound of Five Octahedra

Compound Of Five Octahedra:
Number of faces: 40
Number of edges: 60
Number of vertices: 30

Net compound of five octahedra

Instructions for the Compound of Five Octahedra:

1a. Cut the parts
1b. Write the letters of the parts on the back of the parts
(click on the pictures to show a larger picture)

2. Score the inner lines
3. Fold the doted lines forwards (valley fold) and fold the other lines backwards (mountain fold)
4. Glue the parts (tab without letter)

5. Glue part B on the tab of part A with the letter B.

6. Go on with the parts A and B. Glue part C on the tabs with the letter C
7. Go on with the parts A, B and C. Glue part D on the tab(s) with the letter D.
Etc. Etc. Etc.
(After the capital Z go on with small letters a, b, c and d)
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