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Polyhedra Chrismas Decorations

A selection of polyhedra that are particularly suitable as Christmas decorations

Tip: Use colored paper and decorate the model

Christmas tree 80cmChristmas Tree 80cm
Paper Model Small Ditrigonal IcosidodecahedronSmall Ditrigonal Icosidodecahedron
top star Christmas treeTop Star Christmas Tree
baublesChristmas Baubles
icosahedron Christmas tree topperIcosahedron Christmas Tree Topper
lampshade hexagonal pyramidLampshade Hexagonal Pyramid
standing pentagramStanding Pentagram
standing pentagrammic dipyramidStanding Pentagrammic Dipyramid
small stellated dodecahedron lampshadeSmall Stellated Dodecahedron Lampshade
hexagrammic Christmas treeHexagrammic Christmas Tree
top star paper Christmas treeTop Star Paper Christmas Tree
small hexagrammic Christmas treeSmall Christmas Tree
medium Christmas treeMedium Christmas Tree
lampshade dodecahedronLampshade Dodecahedron
pentagrammic dipyramid on pedestalPentagrammic Dipyramid On Pedestal
Pentagonal StarPentagonal Star Pyramid
pentagonal star pyramid (irragular)Pentagonal Star Pyramid (irragular)
paper model Christmas treeChristmas Tree
standing pentagrammic pyramidStanding Pentagrammic Pyramid
Paper Model Small Stellated DodecahedronSmall Stellated Dodecahedron
Paper Model Stella OctangulaStella Octangula
Paper Model Compound of Five TetrahedraCompound Of Five Tetrahedra
Paper model truncated pentagonal star pyramidTruncated Pentagonal Star Pyramid
Paper model pentagrammic dipyramidPentagrammic Dipyramid
Paper model compound of two asymmetric pyramid version 2Compound Of Two Asymmetric Pyramid Version 2
Paper model pentagrammic prismPentagrammic Prism
Paper model hexagrammic prismHexagrammic Prism
Paper model pentagrammic antiprismPentagrammic Antiprism
Paper model hexagrammic antiprismHexagrammic Antiprism
Paper model dodecadodecahedronDodecadodecahedron
Paper model seventh stellation of the icosahedronSeventh Stellation Of The Icosahedron
Paper model ninth stellation of the icosahedronNinth Stellation Of The Icosahedron
pentagonal-pentagrammic shapePentagonal-pentagrammic Shape
decorated tetrahedronTetrahedra
decorated dodecahedronDodecahedra
decorated pentagonal star dipyramid decorated pentagrammic pyramid decorated pentagonal star pyramid

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