> Paper Models of Dodecahedra: polyhedra with 12 faces
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Paper Models of Dodecahedra: polyhedra with 12 faces

Paper model Great Stellated DodecahedronGreat Stellated Dodecahedron
Paper Model Small Stellated DodecahedronSmall Stellated Dodecahedron
Paper Model Great DodecahedronGreat Dodecahedron
Paper Model Compound of Two CubesCompound Of Two Cubes
hendecagonal pyramidHendecagonal Pyramid
truncated decagonal pyramidTruncated Decagonal Pyramid
Paper model truncated pentagonal star pyramidTruncated Pentagonal Star Pyramid
truncated pentagonal star pyramid (irragular)Truncated Pentagonal Star Pyramid (irragular)
hexagonal dipyramidHexagonal Dipyramid
Paper model decagonal prismDecagonal Prism
Paper model pentagonal antiprismPentagonal Antiprism
Paper model pentagrammic antiprismPentagrammic Antiprism
Paper model rhombic dodecahedronRhombic Dodecahedron
Paper model isosceles dodecahedronIsosceles Dodecahedron
half isosceles icosahedron (2)Half Isosceles Icosahedron (2)
Paper model cubic shape 2Cubic Shape 2
Paper model cubic shape 4Cubic Shape 4
Paper model cubic shape 5Cubic Shape 5
Paper model cubic shape 6Cubic Shape 6

Uncoloured model:

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