> Football (ball) paper models (soccer ball)
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Football (ball) paper models (soccer ball)

The truncated icosahedron is a football (soccer ball) like polyhedron. On this page you find photos of a truncated icosahedron and a number of variations on the truncated icosahedron.
Click on the links for nets of the polyhedra.

Paper model truncated icosahedron (football)Truncated Icosahedron
half truncated icosahedronHalf Truncated Icosahedron
compound of truncated icosahedron and pentakisdodecahedronCompound Of Truncated Icosahedron And Pentakisdodecahedron
Paper model football houseFootball House
Paper model football starFootball Star
football trophyFootball Trophy
Paper model square based elevated half truncated icosahedronSquare Based Elevated Half Truncated Icosahedron
Paper model elevated half truncated icosahedronElevated Half Truncated Icosahedron
Paper model pentagonal based elevated half truncated icosahedronPentagonal Based Elevated Half Truncated Icosahedron

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