> O Autor: Gijs Korthals Altes

O Autor: Gijs Korthals Altes

The site Paper Models of Polyhedra first came out on the Internet in May 1998.
I made the site "Paper Models of Polyhedra" as a hobby. I am no polyhedra specialist. The translation of the site in Spanisch and Chinese is I presume not in all case correct. If you know a better or alternative name for a polyhedron on the site (English, Spanish, Chinese or Dutch) please inform me.
If you are prepared to translate the site in to your own language please contact me. The site is based on a database. You only have to translate a list of words (polyhedra names) and a dozen sentences.
Daniela Leone from Bologna made the translation into Italian.
I am looking for people who can help with German and Arabic translations.
I am also looking for people who can help to improve the Spanish and Chinese translations.
Please contact if you want to help me.

It's permitted to make prints of the nets for non-commercial purposes only. If you whant to use nets for commercial purposes please contact me.

Since December 2018 the web domain is www.polyhedra.net. Before that it was www.korthalsaltes.com.

Please visite my Youtube channel Paper Polyhedra
and the Facebook page.

See also my other websites
- Walking website Pelgrimboppers(Dutch).
- Long distance paths planning tool www.longdistancepaths.eu.

I live in RotterdamThe Netherlands
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If you have questions first look at the instructions page.


A few pictures of Gijs Korthals Altes:

At the end of the GR5 in Nice, France
September 2015
On the Col de Chavière (2796m) Alps, France
September 2013
End of the GR5 Nice GR5 Col de Chavière
Kerry, Ireland
July 2013
South Africa
December 2012
Kerry, Ireland South Africa (near Blyde River Canyon)
On the GR5: Col de Brevent (2368m) Alps, France (Mont Blanc in the in the background)
September 2011
Atsunta pass (+/- 3500m), Caucasus Mountains Georgia
August 2011
GR5-Col-de-Brevent Atsunta pass Georgia (+/- 3500m), august 9 2011
Eilandvijfdaagse: Vlieland, The Netherlands,
August 2010
Langenberg, Rothaar mountains, Germany
April 2009
Eilandvijfdaagse, Vlieland Netherlands, august 10 2010 Langenberg, Rothaar mountains, Germany
Caymakcur gecide (3205m) , Kackar mountains Turkey, August 2008 French-Swiss border on the GR5 near Abbévillers, April 2008
Caymakcur gecide (3205m) , Kackar mountains Turkey French-Swiss border on the GR5 near Abbévillers,
Vihren (2914m) Pirin Mountains Bulgaria
August 2007
Larkya La (+/- 5200m  or 17060 ft) Nepal, November 2006
Vihren (2914m) Pirin Mountains Bulgaria Larkya La (+/- 5200m  or 17060 ft) Nepal
On the GR5: Maastricht The Netherland, July 2004 On the GR5: Brielle The Netherlands
October 2003
Apuseni Mountains Romania
August 2003
Gijs and Sophie Willfernertal Austria 
August 2001
Apuseni Mountains Romania Gijs and Sophie Willfernertal Austria
On the Toubkal
(4167 m or 13670 ft ) Atlas mountains Morocco
september 19 2000 8:56 A.M
On the top of the M'Goun(4068 m or 13346 ft) Atlas mountains Morocco.
May 9 1999 11:00 A.M.
on the top of the Toubkal Morrocco on the top of the M'Goun Morrocco

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